5 Basic Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

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5 Basic Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website

Location of PPC and Organic Google Results

The Fastest Way to Get More Website Visitors

There are many ways to get more website visitors to your website. Some of those ways can take months, while same can take hours. This post will cover the fastest way to get more website visitors! Pay-Per-Click Advertising Pay-per-click, or PPC is hands down the fastest way to get more website visitors. If you launch […]

How Blogging Will Improve Your SEO – VIDEO

HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We surely hope you’re wearing green, eating green, and drinking some holiday beverages! Blogging = Content = SEO Your website may have 15 or more pages, but a blog will allow you to have 100s and eventually 1000s of pages. These pages share content and information that should speak to your […]

VIDEO - How Blogging Improves Your SEO

The Difference Between Long-Tailed Keywords and Head Keywords - Video

The Difference Between Long-Tailed Keywords And Head Keywords 2

Every SEO strategy should include a solid keyword list of both long-tailed and head keywords. Your keyword list and research should take into account your buyer personas and their buyers journey to make sure you are ranking for the searching user’s intent. Obviously, all of your content should take into consideration the keyword research and list […]

The Most Common Issues Causing Bad Website Traffic

If you are having issues with bad website traffic, that can mean either 2 things. 1. You get very little website traffic. 2. You get a decent amount of traffic, but it’s all junk. Both of these are not great situations to be in and they must be addressed. Let’s approach them in the order […]


Get Links For SEO

Get Links For SEO The Right Way

You know you need to be focused on ranking better in search engines. The major engines still value quality inbound likes highly. Your first thought may be, “OK, how do we get links for SEO?”. Sure, you want a bunch of links to your site, but you don’t want just any links… They need to be […]

How to Increase Search Engine Rank For a Brand New Website

To increase search engine rank for a brand new website, you are presented with slightly different challenges than a business with a website that’s been around for awhile. Let me first clarify that by new website I mean, completely new. Not a redesigned or redeveloped website, but a business, organization or start-up that has never had a […]

SEO Statistics To Motivate Your Business

SEO Statistics To Motivate Your Business

SEO Statistics That Should Motivate Your Business

I’m sure you’ve been told that you need SEO to be successful online. You may even intellectually know that it will help your business. Often though, that’s not enough. We still see major website redesigns by non-clients that have completely overlooked SEO. In this day an age of the web, that’s simply unnacceptable. Here are […]

How to Rank Better in Google

If you have a website, you’ve no doubt asked yourself at one point in time, “how do I rank better in Google”. If you don’t quite understand, by rank I mean showing up when someone performs a search on Google. Ideally you will show up for search terms that are related to your product or […]


VIDEO - Attract Best Buyers To Your Website

Attract Best Buyers To Your Website Edit

Stage 1 in the Inbound Marketing methodology is Attracting best buyers to your website. We don’t want to attract just anyone, we want to focus on attracting visitors to your site that will convert and close later on in the Inbound process. This requires knowing your best buyers (buyer persona) and how to reach them […]