Your 1st 2015 Marketing Meeting Agenda

With the new year comes New Year’s resolutions. One resolution that many business owners or marketers might be considering is: getting back on track with my online marketing. You’ve probably heard it before… When the new year starts we’re going […]


4 Things To Include With Your Website Redesign

A Website Redesign Should Include These 4 Things

If you are planning a website redesign in 2015 there are 4 areas you MUST include to ensure you get the outcome you’re really after, more business. I shiny new look and feel will certainly help to build trust with your […]

Inbound Marketing Priorities For The New Year

The Holiday Season is here, full of end of year wrap-ups and final planning for the new year. If you are going into 2015 with an ineffective, brochureware website, fear not! I’m going to give you your top 5 priorities […]

Inbound Priorities

Use SEO To Attract Visitors

Why Rich Snippets are Important to Your Website

I’ve gone through and read several articles about rich snippets and I’m fairly confident that 99.9% of business owners would be lost in reading those articles. My goal is to explain the importance of these rich snippets without getting too […]

Improve Your SEO With Social Media

If you’re looking to improve your SEO, you might be surprised to hear that social media can really help. SEO is at the top of the list for most small businesses looking to grow their sales with the help of […]

Increase SEO With Social Media

Content Marketing Doesn't Have to Be Hard

The 3 Easiest Types of Content Marketing for Small Businesses

A simple definition of content marketing is: the practice of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content in an effort to generate leads…eventually nurturing those leads into sales. This is typically done through downloadable content in which the prospect provides […]

Phoenix Metal Fabricating Website Launch

We are happy to have launched a newly designed and developed website for Phoenix Metal Fabricating in Jamestown, PA. Phoenix handles several aspects of metal fabrication starting with metal punching through powder coating and even some small assembly of final products. […]

Phoenix Metal Fabricating

You Don't Know ME!

Website Personalization Yields Higher Conversion Rates

Which sale is more likely to close? The 30 second TV commercial with a “Call Now” theme An in-store, 1 on 1 conversation about a product Obviously, the 1 on 1 interaction is much more likely to produce a sale. […]

What B2B Buyers Say About Content Marketing

Businesses in the B2B industry often struggle with online marketing because they expect that their current buyers will just come straight to them asking for a quote. This may happen in certain instances, but it’s certainly not always the case. […]

B2B Buyers are Reading Content Before Purchases

Website Metrics You Don't Track

What Aren’t You Tracking On Your Website?

If you aren’t actively tracking metrics on your website, you aren’t using the biggest advantage Inbound Marketing has to offer. Data is so abundant and freely available through tools like Google Analytics, MailChimp and HootSuite that you’re not doing your job […]