New Website Project Launch: OAG Management

We’re happy to announce a new website project launch for OAG Management. OAG helps artists, musicians, DJs, models, and other businesses and people like that get found through a variety of ways. Some of the services they provide are global music distribution, music synchronization, publishing, content identification, artist and event management and more. The company […]


Tips to optimize your landing pages and homepage for better results

Optimize Your Landing Pages and Homepage For Action

The most action-producing pages on your site are usually your landing pages and homepage. That’s why it’s so important to optimize your landing pages and homepage for performance! You want to have a very solid understanding of what appears above the fold on these pages to ensure the visitor takes action. Additionally, you should consider: […]

Understanding the Difference Between a Blog and a Website Page

Even though they may have a website and they may have a blog, it is clear that some business owners don’t necessarily know the difference between the two. Some websites have blogs and website pages that are more seemless, while other sites have their blog and website pages completely separate. Regardless of how it’s set up, […]

Email Marketing Automation with MailChimp

Email Marketing Automation For FREE With MailChimp – Video

If you are like most businesses, time is one of your most valuable resources, and you struggle to get enough of it. This pushes ongoing marketing tasks like email campaigns further down the list as new fires develop that need to be put out. If you are putting off marketing to your list because you don’t have […]

Growing Your Business Using Inbound Marketing [Event]

Tomorrow we’ll be talking to a bunch of eager individuals on how they can use inbound marketing to grow their business. The fact is, many of the people attending are probably hearing about inbound marketing for the first time. Sure, they may know what some of pieces of inbound marketing are and may have even […]

p80's Inbound Marketing Funnel

Too much focus on traffiic?

Are You Focusing Too Much On Website Traffic?

The number one non-development related request we get from clients is to help them get more website traffic. For some businesses, this is but one cog in the engine of their Inbound Marketing effort. Unfortunately, for many it is the only other cog beside their redesigned website and new content management system (CMS). Focusing too much on […]

Keywords that Help Reach People at Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

These days people shopping or making an informed decision about something go through various phases before coming to a conclusion, these phases are called the buyer’s journey. Sometimes this “journey” takes a half hour, sometimes it takes months or even years. It just depends on the product, service, problem or the commitment to find a solution. […]



3 Tips For Using Google+ For Your Business

Google+ may not be Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN, but it has some qualities that as a marketer, you can’t ignore. Depending on your industry and buyer personas, Google+ may be the best place to generate new leads or the worst place! Either way, you need to be present. These 3 simple tips will get you […]

How to Choose a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is no easy task. It’s likely that your first, second, and third choices have already been taken. Your domain name is very important, but maybe not for the reasons you are thinking. In the past people would choose a domain name that was keyword rich in an effort to help them […]


Content Marketing - Who, What, When, Where, Why

Content Marketing Who, What, When, Where, Why

Content marketing is a great way to reach your ideal buyers when they are in hunt mode, seeking out a solution to their problem. It also allows you to build trust and generate high quality leads! This short video will give you a brief explanation of what content marketing is, who should use it, when to […]