Curated List of 4 Great Web Marketing Resources This Week

Here’re some truly great web marketing resources we came across this week that can help you kick some marketing ass! Curl up in your hammock, grab a beverage and your smartphone, and gain some knowledge this weekend! Content Marketing Enlightenment in […]


Despite advancements with Search Engines...SEO can still take time.

The Effects of SEO Still Takes Time

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a tactic used to gain visibility in search engines without paying for ads. It should be tied to a strategy in an effort to achieve an overall goal or objective. SEO often has phases that […]

Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas – People DO Care

“Our industry is soooo boring! No one will read about it!” “Our competitors will get too much information from our blog posts!” “There’s nothing worth writing about for our business!” “No one cares what we have to say!” Do any […]

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To improve you need to have a baseline

4 Simple Web Marketing Metrics To Measure

One of the biggest differentiating factors between web marketing (inbound) and radio, TV, newspaper, billboard, print, (outbound/interruption) etc… is the availability of EXACT data on how your marketing is performing. This can also pose a challenge though. With so much […]

Curated List of 4 Great Web Marketing Resources This Week

Feeling guilty that you didn’t read any web marketing resources this week? No worries, we’ve compiled some of our favorites to give you some weekend reading material. Enjoy! Google Will Now Detect if a Website Won’t Work on Your Device, Warn […]


Social Media Allows You To Fish With Multiple Poles

In my last post, I compared web marketing without content to fishing without bait. Everyone would agree that fishing without bait is not very smart. Everyone SHOULD agree that web marketing without content is not very smart.Let’s assume that we […]

Following Up With Online Leads

So you’re all about capturing online leads through your website, right? Sure you are. Leads are great! But here’s the thing…do you have a procedure in place for following up with those online leads? If not, the majority of those leads […]

71% of Online Leads are Wasted


Web Marketing Without Content Is Like Fishing Without Bait

As web marketers, we’re constantly pushing the need to generate valuable content as a means to generate leads. While clients technically “get it”, they are still reluctant when it comes to actually doing it. They may update their contact page […]

3 Great Web Marketing Resources for You This Week

We hope that you had a great week, but it is about time for the weekend. You know what that means right? YES…you should read some great web marketing articles before your mind enters weekend mode! Because there are so many […]

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Who to bring to your marketing meeting and planning.

Successful Web Marketing Strategy and Planning

So you’re thinking about a new website or improving your online marketing…who should you be sure to include internally throughout this process?  I’m going to start off by telling you it should not just be the person or people with […]