Email Marketing and Your Buyer’s Journey

We had a great meeting this week with a prospective client where we were focused primarily on SEO. As an Inbound Marketing agency, we obviously took a step back from the SEO discussion to evaluate more of the overall goal […]

Email Marketing Frequency

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Why 2015 Should Be the Year You Finally Do Your Strategic Plan This article has 7 solid reasons why you need to suppress that little voice in your head that tells you NOT to put a plan in writing for […]

Content Is The Most Important Phase Of A Website Redesign

Your company just signed a contract with an Inbound Marketing company to redesign your website give your web marketing efforts an overhaul. You’ve been looking at competitors’ websites and the sites of companies that you respect and admire. Then the […]

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Use Quora for Blog Post Ideas

We’ve been doing our best in trying to motivate you blog and blog frequently. Not creating junk content just to have more content, but content that your readers or potential readers will find useful. For any industry, any service type, […]

3 Quick Tips To Improve Email Open Rates

If you are growing your email marketing list (and you are, right?), you have to make sure you’re monitoring and adjusting your efforts to maximize open and click-through rates. If not, you’re wasting sends. You’re falling on deaf ears. You […]



How Important is an SEO Audit of a Website?

Do you know the SEO health of your website? Maybe you think you’re doing OK because you haven’t heard otherwise, but that may not be the case. An article I read today emphasizes the point that an SEO audit can […]

How To Use HootSuite To Schedule Social Media Updates

There’s a common misconception with many small businesses that social media marketing is this huge undertaking that will consume tons of time. That’s simply not the case. Social media, if done correctly, is managed and focused on at levels that […]

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Google Grants at Nonprofit Networking Day

We are excited to be speaking at Nonprofit Networking Day tomorrow (11/7/2014). A big thank you goes out to the Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation for inviting us and putting this event on! This is an annual event for staff, board members and volunteers of […]