13 Step Content Marketing Quick Start List

Question. When you think about establishing a content marketing strategy, do you equate that to a large investment of time and energy? I think any time you include the word strategy with a task, most people automatically envision a huge […]

Your content strategy is not this...


5 Search Engine Optimization Myths

Search engine optimization is not the most straight forward marketing tactic that has ever existed…which is the cause of many SEO myths. Let’s explore a 5 of these myths. The “Paid Search has an Effect on SEO Theory” A recent video by Matt […]

10 Signs Your Website is Ready for an Update

There are many reasons why it might be time to refresh your website. Take a look through the list and see if your business is a culprit of some of these. 10. You’ve got no social media buttons on your […]



Project Timelines are Not Made to be Broken

Every website design and marketing project should have a project timeline associated with it. A good project timeline will help everyone reach predetermined goals and expectations. Without discussing and solidifying time-frames, it is too easy for a project to become […]

Why Do Your Clients/Customers Buy From You?

Reason 1:______________________________ Reason 2:______________________________ Reason 3:______________________________ If I had to guess I’d say you listed things like your level of service, your history of quality and reliability and your willingness to do whatever it takes to make your clients/customers fully […]


A Toe In The Web Marketing Water Will Yield Toe Jam

As human beings, one of the hardest decisions we make on a daily basis is deciding what to commit to and focus on. As business owners or managers of departments or divisions, the list of decisions and commitments that we […]



Should You Include SEO on Your Website RFP?

Now keep in mind, this is a different question than, “Do I need SEO?”. The answer to that is yes. If people cannot find your website, you’re in trouble because they are probably finding your competitor. Unsure of what SEO […]